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Little Auks in Rosenvinges Bugt.

An angry musk ox is chasing the sleddog "Abe" at Dom Brava , Hurry Fjord.

Humpbackwhale outside Ittoqqortoormiit - a very seldom sight at this latitude!

Sleddog and a surprised musk ox .

Bearded seal on drifting ice in the Scoresby Sund Fjordsystem .

Bearded seal on drifting ice in the Scoresby Sund Fjordsystem .

A Polar bear on the rock !

Arctic char is guaranteed the most tasty fish worldwide and can be caught several places in our area.

Little auks in Rosenvinges bugt , just in front of Ittoqqortoormiit.

The blackheaded gull is a common sight in the sea-region around Ittoqqortoormiit.

The stoat is present year around in the Ittoqqortoormiit area , but some years it is more common than others . It is a fast little creature and is often difficult to find - or photograph !

The long-tailed skua is a common sight at the open water polonia at Kap Tobin .

The ptarmigan is like the stoat : some years we see hundreds and some years we dont see any. Ptarmigan camouflages itself after the season and is often difficult to see . Ptarmigan is a very popular delicatess in Ittoqqortoormiit and in Greenland in general .

The wheatears are very common during summertime in Ittoqqortoormiit .

Musk ox in the Scoresby Sund fjordsystem .

Polar bear in Amdrup havn in the fall.

A Greenland seal is gazing up through its breathing hole in the ice .

Musk oxen at Dom Brava .

Martin and Freja caught a Greenland shark . Shark is excellent dogfood and can -if dried -also be eaten by human .

A small flock of geese is flying over Ittoqqortoormiit.Sometimes a flock can contain hundreds of geese .

Arctic char hanging outside to dry.