Multi-day Dog Sledding Information

Multi-day sledge trips in the Ittoqqortoormiit area

All sledge trips are led by hunters with extensive knowledge of the local area. All guides have considerable knowledge of local weather conditions, wildlife, and hunting, and will ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable. English, Danish, and Greenlandic speaking guides are available. Our price includes the use of an all-in-one winter sledge outfit, winter boots, tent, sleeping bag, mattress and food. There can be one or two guests plus guide on each sledge; for safety reasons we always travel as a group of minimum of two sledges. The group always carries a GPS, first aid kit, rifle, and satellite phone.

Trip planning

Multi-day trips can last from two days to several weeks, and each trip is individually catered to your own needs, wishes, and ability. We can help you plan your dream trip! Ittoqqortoormiit is located just south of the world’s biggest national park, where you can follow in the footsteps of great polar explorers such as Lauge Koch, Ejnar Mikkelsen, or Mylius-Erichsen. Ittoqqortoormiit is also located at the mouth of the world’s largest fjord system, Scoresby Sund, a well known area for great adventures and scientists such as Carl Ryder and Alfred Wegener. The fjord is one of a kind, with peaked mountains and wildlife including a large musk-ox population.

Multi-day day trips can also lead you in the footsteps of William Scoresby – ”around Liverpool Land“, ”around Jameson Land“, up along the outer coast, along the beautiful ”Volquart Boons Coast“, or south towards the hot springs at ”Turner Island“.  During late spring you will see many seals on the sea ice, cliffs teaming with thousands of sea birds, as well as hares and foxes. There is also the chance of sighting polar bear.

You will either sleep in tents, local cabins such as ”Gurreholm“ – the former base of Lauge Koch, or trapping stations. On the trips we serve local Greenlandic food, such as musk-ox, bear meat, seal, walrus, Arctic char, hare or birds (such as geese or ptarmigan). You will make stops during the day where your guide will melt snow for coffee and tea, and snacks will be available all day while sledging.


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Please note that trips can be changed with short notice due to ice or weather conditions.


Musk oxen at Dom Brava , image by Nanu Travel

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