Ice Edge Trip

The Ice EdgeDog Sledging in the Ittoqqortoormiit area

Best time for this kind of trip is April and May. This trip can last from a single day and up to several days.

The entrance to the Scoresby Sund fjord system is generally ice-free all the year round as a result of currents flowing into and out of the fjord. This open water is called a polynia and it has been a major factor in controlling the distribution of marine life in the fjord and the exploitation of it by native people. Scoresby Sund starts to freeze over in October. The ice has a relatively smooth surface and may reach a thickness of up to 2 metres. There is often a clear border between the fixed fjord ice and the moving pack ice/open water. This is called the ice edge or ”iskant“.

All year-round, the hunters hunt from the ice edge. Depending on weather and conditions, different kinds of seals, birds and even walrus can be seen here. Seals are a common sight and after a good day at the edge, a hunter sometimes can bring home more than 10 seals. Walrus is a more rare sight – according to the old sayings, “there is a walrus around if the seals are gone”. Narwhales are passing by the edge several times a year. As with all other marine animals, they hardly make any noise – suddenly they are there and just as sudden, they have moved on. Polar bears are sometimes wander along the edge near Kap Tobin – if we are lucky, we might spot one from a distance. The hunter brings a rifle to protect you, so you can feel 100% safe during the entire trip.

The whole year, there are ravens and black guillemots in the area. From the end of April, thousands of little auks go to the ice edge; razor-billed auks and mallards are also a common sight.  Falcons are not present all year – they mainly stick to settlements. Snow owls are also a rare sight in the area.

The trip to the ice edge can be arranged several ways. If you are interested in joining a hunt yourself, you can get a licence for seal hunting. It is also possible to simply observe the hunter while hunting.  Alternatively, if you wish to observe the wildlife (without any hunting taking place), this is also an option.

The trip starts from Ittoqqortoormiit. The sledge follows the track via Kap Tobin to the ice edge. If requested, the hunter will take you to the hot spring in Kap Tobin – the warmest hot spring in Greenland. Along the ice edge you will pass by several other sledges and hunters – some have been waiting at the edge for many hours, some are camping.

In late April/May there is 24-hour daylight, the weather is usually warm and sunny – then sledging along the edge, looking out for little black seal heads in the water, watching great flocks of little auks is a fantastic experience.

During night, the guide will put up a tent fronting the sea. While the sun lowers, the primus will be turned on to prepare a Greenlandic dinner – it could even be a catch from the day.

The trip will continue along the edge – sometimes with stops lasting several hours, while you boil coffee on the primus and the hunter looks out for seal. The hunter will bring a little ice edge boat along for rowing out and pulling the catch out of the water.

The trip could be combined with a stop-over at Kap Swainsson and Kap Hope – depending on the guests’ individual wishes.


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Ringed seal in breathinghole , image by Nanu Travel

Swimming Polar bear in the sea , image by Nanu Travel

The iceedge just after sun

Hunter at the iceedge , image by Nanu Travel

Hunter in his boat at the iceedge , image by Nanu Travel

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