Open Town Packet

”Open town packet”

Nanu Travel ApS offers the “open town packet” to all visiting cruise ships in the Ittoqqortoormiit area.The packet includes several open institutions, local guides and dog feeding and gives each passenger a good insight in daily life while visiting the most remote community in Greenland.


The packet includes:
-a town map for each passenger
-a program for each passenger
-free entrance to the museum
-free entrance to the church
-free entrance to the photo exhibition at the weather station
-launch of weather balloon
-dog feeding
-outside exhibit of Greenland kayak
-local guides outside museum/church etc
-free entrance to public service building – from time to time there’ll be exhibitions here as well.

How does the packet work ?
A guide will meet you at the beach when you get ashore and hand out town maps and programs. On each program you can read what is open, when and where. Now each passenger can walk around in town on his own and visit places of interest.
Further :
The store ,post office ,bank and tourist office will be open during your visit.
We can arrange that all passports will be stamped.
The town packet usually runs in 3 hours , but you are welcome to stay in Ittoqqortoormiit longer .

Occasionally there’ll be extra offers and we try to improve each season. This means that we may arrange coffee at the old people’s home, a visit in the local school, a visit at the police station, hunter camp, shooting course etc. We will keep you posted on upcoming events.

If you have any special needs or wishes, you are welcome to contact us and we will try to help you.

The packet is available Monday to Friday. Weekend visits can be arranged, but the open town packet will be slightly different.

For bookings or more information on the town packet , please email us at




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