"Give me ice, give me snow, give me dogs; you can keep the rest"

                                                                                                          Polar Explorer Knud Rasmussen




Ice , snow , dogs and a fantastic story of exploration is something we have plenty of in the Ittoqqortoormiit region . If you wish to design your own expedition in our area , the Nationalpark or the fjordsystem - or of you need support in carrying your plans out , we are able to assist you in this matter .

Our guides are experienced mushers , who are used to being away for weeks and even months in a row . They are familiar with the Scoresby Sound Fjordsystem and the Nationalpark and can assist you in reaching your goal .

We are experienced in putting out depos for smaller as well as large expeditions , summer or winter and we can be your back up at the end of the line , when you struggle through the arctic .


Need experienced assistance in your expedition planning ? Please contact us at nanu@nanutravel.com

Dogsledexpedition in the worlds largest fjordsystem , Scoresby Sund

Trip to Gule Fjeld Mountain

B-186 . 3980 Ittoqqortoormiit . East Greenland
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