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 January 8th 2009  

Review from Ella Island trip in April 2008.

In the footsteps of Lauge Koch and the dogsledpatrol , Sirius , we were in April 2008 proud to be able to offer a 3 week long dog sled expedition to Ella Ø in the worlds biggest nationalpark , with author and ex-patrol member Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen as expeditionleader . The expedition was blessed with perfect sled conditions and fantastic weather and reached Ella Ø sooner than expected . This gave the group extra time , which were spend in Liverpoolland on the return .

This first expedition in the nationalpark of north and northeast Greenland with both inuit hunters and former members of the dogsled patrol , Sirius , turned out to be a great experience for both guests as well as guides and we are considering to repeat the success in 2010 .

If you are interested in experiencing the worlds biggest nationalpark , please contact us HERE



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Sledtrip to Ella ø , Image by Nanu Travel

Camp in Nationalpark , image by Nanu Travel

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