Scoresby Sund fjord

Scoresby Sund fjord system

The Scoresby Sund fjord system covers the area from Kap Tobin in the east to the ice cap about 350 km to the west.

The southern and western part of the fjord is mountainous with glaciers producing hundreds of gigantic icebergs that can be seen all over the fjord, but form almost a city of icebergs in the area south of Suchert Dal.

In several places there are sites of old settlements of the indigenous Inuit, who disappeared just before the Europeans arrived in the area.

Because of its remoteness and expanse, the inner part of Scoresby Sund, is an area of serenity with few visitors.

This and the majestic landscape make the relatively long travel from the village well worthwhile.Nanu Travel arranges ekspeditions into the fjord system: during summer by kayaks and the passenger approved boat "M/S Nanu" and in the winter by dog sledge.

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