Liverpool Land

Liverpool Land

The mountainous Liverpool Land peninsula extends from Uunartoq in the south to Kap Gladstone in the north. The outer coastline of Liverpool Land is usually free of ice during summer.

However ocean waves and swell must always be considered if the pack ice off the coast is thin and does not form a natural shelter. During spring and summer the bird life along this coast is varied and abudant.

In the fjords the waters are calm with alternating indented coastlines, vertical glaciers and alpine cliffs. In winter and spring the conditions for dog sledging along the outer coast and in the fjords are generally good.

The dog sledge route from the village meanders through valleys and over glaciers, across land and down into Lille Fjord all the way to the outer coast. Along Liverpool Land’s outer coast there are a few simple hunters’ huts, which we are allowed to use during our dog sledge journeys.

The route back is most often through Hurry Fjord which offers a complete change of scenery and good views of Jameson Land. In April and May seals can frequently be spotted as they are relaxing on the ice and it is not unusual to see a polar bear. With the arrival of migrating birds the local people rejoice that spring is in the air.


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