If you were travelling to the Arctic, why would you want to choose Scoresby Sund? There are many reasons, one is the fact that the settlement in Scoresby Sund is one of the most remote in all Greenland; it even has its own time zone GMT-1.

Other interesting facts include: the area under the jurisdiction of Ittoqqortoormiit is larger than England; the highest mountain in the Arctic, Mt. Gunnbjorns Fjeld (3694 meters) is situated within its boarders; the Scoresby Fjord system is the largest and deepest in the world; and the worlds largest national park, the National Park of North-East Greenland, boarders the municipality.

Nanu Travel specializes in arctic travels. In all seasons we offer customized, guided travel and expeditions in the Scoresby Sund fjord system and into the National Park. We also provide the logistic support required for independent expeditions in the region.

We rent expedition gear, arrange transportation and can place material depots at designated locations. The staff of Nanu Travel have many years of experience in the region and are eager to comply with any individual needs. Our website contains information on the possibilities for travel in this part of the world and offers a selection of representative photographs that provide an overview of this dramatically beautiful region.

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