My Own Trip

Would you like to design your own trip?

This is how to do it!...

1) Decide when you want to go, and for how long.


If you want to go dog sledding, hiking or to rent gear, you can find the daily prices at our price list


Keep in mind that due to safety, we never send one dog sledge alone.
There can be one or two passengers on one dog sledge.   Four (4) guests can travel with two sledges – but one (1) guest needs to hire two sledges too!
Due to the weight the dogs can pull, our maximum is 10 days with 2 passengers on one sledge. With 1 passenger on each sledge, we can go for as long as you desire.


2) Consider where you want to go. You can find inspiration and advice on our web page, or you can send us an e-mail and ask for advice.

3) Contact us and ask if we can provide the services at the given time.

4) Go to the AirIceland´s website to book you flight from Reykjavik, Iceland for 1 stop in Akureyri to Nerlerit Inaat. In this case you would also need to go to Air Greenland's website to book your helicopter flight between the airport (Nerlerit Inaat/Constable Point) and Ittoqqortoormiit.  There is no road between the airport and town. There will always be room on the helicopter, if you arrive by flight. It might look as if there are no more seats available, but there are. Just send Air Greenland or us an e-mail, if you cannot book the helicopter.


B-186 . 3980 Ittoqqortoormiit . East Greenland
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